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Transforming challenges into opportunities with life altering interactive speaking programs
Author, Speaker, Facilitator - Cheryl is a dynamic storyteller and has appeared as a life change survival expert on radio, tv, and in print for top national and international media
Welcome to soar with me, filled with motivation and inspiration to help you transform challenges into opportunities.

Tough times are part of life, but do they ever hurt! The process of dealing with rough times and the changes they generate, is always challenging and painful. At the same time these tough times create opportunities to reach further, learn more, and find a whole new world of possibilities.

My website, books and programs are dedicated to transforming challenges into wonderful new beginnings. You will learn how to survive, revive and thrive by adopting the ‘adventure attitude' and meeting your personal and business challenges in the toughest of times.



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Optimism is a state of being that we choose. It doesn’t depend on outcomes, circumstances, or expectations. We choose to be optimistic, or we don’t. And that choice affects our thoughts, and our actions. It affects our relationships and our lives at home, and at work. It tells people who we are and how we view life. It’s a choice we can make ANY time… starting now!

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HARD TIMES ON THE ROLLER COASTER OF LIFE- How to deal with these hard times of recession

Hard times are here as people experience the stress and anxiety of job loss, an unstable economy and the insecurity of an unknown world. Although the roller coaster ride we are experiencing causes inmeasurable feelings of fear and anxiety, there are ways to prepare ourselves to deal with the tough times ahead.

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